Technology of water vapor cavitation

Cavitation (from the Latin. Cavitas - void) is the physical process of the formation of bubbles (caverns) in liquid media with their subsequent collapse and the release of a large amount of energy (shock wave). The energy of collapse is so significant that it gradually destroys the surface of the strongest ship propellers.

What is it?

Water vapor cavitation is a high-speed explosive condensation of water vapor, i.e. back explosion with the formation of a reverse compression shock wave.


Since collapse occurs in a vapor medium, the final collapse zone of a shock wave is a microvolume with a diameter of several molecules. And in this micro- or nano-volume the pressure rises to several thousand (possibly up to a million) atmospheres, the temperature in the center of the collapse is thousands of degrees Celsius. These thermodynamic parameters are fundamental in the issues of fusion and decomposition of water molecules.

As a result of this treatment, water acquires new biologically active properties. Its positive effect on the human condition was discovered and confirmed: cavitated water adds strength, and, in fact, is the basis for creating cellular nutrition, i.e. a product that delivers energy directly to cells, and not through the breakdown of food in the gastrointestinal tract.

We have developed real devices

Based on the technology of water vapor cavitation, we have developed a number of devices; for more details, see the equipment section:


Human exposure to cavitated water

The main component of cavitated water is hydrogen ions. The diameter of the hydrogen atom is 0.00000001 cm - this is one hundred millionth of 1 cm. It is so small that it is hard to imagine. But in this hydrogen lies such a force that cannot but surprise - it is a phenomenal ability to protect against oxidation. It is 176 times more than vitamin C, 221 times more than polyphenols, 431 times more than the ability of vitamin E and 863 times more than coenzyme Q10. The hydrogen atom is an ideal antioxidant and the smallest atom in the Universe, therefore it is able to penetrate into any tissues and cells of our body.

Once in the body, hydrogen ions cleanse the internal environment of a person from free radicals, thus:

Activate the body's metabolic processes

Slow down aging

Strengthen immunity 1

Improve the activity of the gastrointestinal tract

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