To investors

AQUIX company attracts professional and public investment - crowd investment. The team is actively developing the project and is preparing for mass production of devices based on its own patented technologies. We offer partners to participate in the development of AQUIX business by buying shares in the company.

Company shares are collected in investment portfolios. Anyone can purchase a portfolio of company shares worth $ 48. This format of mutual relations allows involving a large number of people in AQUIX business and disseminating information about the company's products and technologies around the world.

4 ways to make money with AQUIX:


Receive dividends

AQUIX is the joint-stock company and pay annual dividends to stakeholders from the company's income for the year.


Build a portfolio

AQUIX stocks are liquid and regularly increase in price. AQUIX stocks are traded on cryptocurrency exchanges.


Sell equipment

After the release of the first series of our household equipment, each partner will be able to sell it and receive a percentage of sales.

You can sell industrial equipment now. We reward the company’s shares for getting to know the responsible persons of potential customers, and if the result of this acquaintance is a deal, we reward them with money for the second time. For example, if you introduce us to the director of a plant interested in introducing AQUIX equipment, you will receive a percentage of the sale of equipment. If we conclude a contract with the plant, you also get a percentage of the transaction.


Build your affiliate network

By joining AQUIX as an investor and / or distributor of equipment, you can attract other people to join AQUIX and receive a percentage of their equipment sales and up to 36% discount on purchasing AQUIX stocks. The more investors you attract and the larger the size of your investment portfolio, the greater the discount on the company's stocks and its products you have. You can download the table below  here.

Without portfolio-16%8%--------
Base$ 4816%8%4%-------
Standard$ 18416%8%4%2%------
Optimal$ 73616%8%4%2%1%1%----
Affiliate$ 2 94416%8%4%2%1%1%1%1%--
Premium$ 11 77616%8%4%2%1%1%1%1%--
Franchisee$ 47 10416%8%4%2%1%1%1%1%1%-
Business$ 188 41616%8%4%2%1%1%1%1%1%1%
Accumulated resale discount *16%24%28%30%31%32%33%34%35%36%

To start investing, register on the site and enter your personal account. If you need help or clarification, please contact support.