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Risk Disclosure № 0.0.2 от 03.11.2019

Joint-stock company «AQUIX» (thereinafter the Company, (Extract from Registry of Entrepreneurs and Non-Entrepreneurial (Non-Commercial) Legal Entities, serial number of the application — B18209595, date of preparation — 21/12/2018), having an address at Georgia, Tbilisi, Didube district, Uznadze str., N111, b. N11, Building N2, represented by its CEO Artem Balyakno, in accordance with current legislation, inform all acquirers or potential acquirers of shares of the following risks.

The need for diversification when investing. Diversification involves distributing your investments among different types of investments with different risks to reduce overall risk. However, this will not reduce all types of risk. Diversification is an integral part of investing. Investors should invest only a part of their available investment funds and balance it with investments in safer, more liquid assets.

JSC "AQUIX" is a venture enterprise, which is based on the combination of skills, abilities, knowledge and property of individuals in order to create a single functioning enterprise, thus, the Company is inherent in the risks that usually accompany venture projects. Investing in the capital of Joint-stock company "AQUIX" does not involve regular income from investments, unlike mini-bonds, which offer regularly paid interest. Please take into account the following certain risks when purchasing shares in JSC "AQUIX".

1) Loss of investment. Most businesses initially fail or do not expand according to plan due to the inflow of the missing number of investments or to the lack of them, so investing in this business can be associated with significant risk. It is likely that you may lose all or part of your investment. You should invest only the amount you are ready to lose, and build a diversified portfolio to spread the risks and increase the likelihood of total return on investment capital. If the business you are investing in fails, the company will not return your investment.

2) Rare dividend payout. Dividends are payments made by the business from the profits of the company to its founders. This means that you are unlikely to feel the return on your investment until you can sell your shares. Profits are typically reinvested in the business to drive growth and raise the value of shares. Thus, the main source of profitability of the company's participants is the total capitalization of the company, which in turn leads to an increase in the value of the company’s shares.

In addition to the risk disclosure, the company hereby declares the limitation of liability in terms of the possible expectations of the shares’ acquirers in respect of the following circumstances and events. Due to the fact that the company "AQUIX" is a venture enterprise, the activities of which are accompanied by risks, the Company limits liability in the following part.

The information contained in advertisements and other brochures, acts, programs, leaflets and other media relative to the beginning and capitalization of the Company, increasing the value of its shares, size and timing of dividend payments, is approximate, provided solely for educational purposes, it is not advertising, it does not act as any elements of a public offer or a public offer as a whole.

The proposals contained in the sources are for informational purposes only and do not entail mutual rights and obligations. The information contained in this Disclosure and other media is current as of the date of creation of the document or medium and may and will be updated, supplemented, corrected, confirmed or changed without notification. This does not exclude significant changes in the information contained in this Disclosure.

The information provided by the Company is not an incentive to acquire property rights, does not form it and should not be considered as it.

Advertisements, their parts or the fact of their distribution are not the basis for any proposal, contract, obligation or investment decision, and they can not be relied upon in connection with them, as well as they are not a recommendation for the emergence of legal relations with the Company.

Any person intending to participate in the Company or its activities in making any decisions on investing should rely only on the information set out in the contracts, any attachments or modifications and other documents developed by the company for interaction with third parties. Other documents intended for third parties may contain information other than that contained in advertisements. No representations or warranties are made as to the accuracy, credibility, validity or completeness of the information contained in the advertisements and no person may rely on the content of the advertisements.

The information presented was not subject to independent verification. The information provided by the Company contains forward-looking statements. Such forward-looking statements include statements regarding plans, objectives, goals, strategy, future events or results, and any other statements that are not statements of fact. Forward-looking statements include statements regarding strategy, forecasts, growth prospects; future plans and potential for future growth; liquidity, capital resources and capital expenditures; and growth in demand for products; economic forecasts and industry trends; market development; impact of legislative initiatives and competitive advantages.

Forward-looking statements are inherently risky and uncertain since they relate to events and circumstances that may or may not occur in the future. The forward-looking statements contained in the information sources are based on various assumptions and logical conclusions. Thus, no such assumptions are characterized by a high degree of uncertainty and conditionality, which are difficult or impossible to predict and which are beyond control of the company, whereby the company may be unable to fulfill expectations, hopes or predictions. The company warns you that forward-looking statements are not guarantees of future results and that the results of its activities, financial condition, liquidity, as well as the development of the industry in which the Company operates, may differ materially from the forecasts or assumptions made in the statements contained in the forecasts.

This notice may be supplemented by the Company unilaterally, to which the participant of the Company (the acquirer and/or the owner of the shares) gives full and unconditional consent in advance.

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The fact of acquisition of the Company’s shares is an indisputable proof of familiarization with this risk disclosure and full and unconditional acceptance of each of its terms and conditions separately and the entire disclosure as a whole.

This disclosure is a modification of the terms of previous disclosures and applies to all purchasers and holders of shares of the Company.