General documents


AQUIX, Joint Stock Company, located at 111 Uznadze str., Building 2, Ap. 11, Didube District, Tbilisi, Georgia, Identification Number: 402177381, hereinafter referred to as "AQUIX", on the one hand, and the Private / Legal Entity carrying out business activities, hereinafter referred to as the "Agent", on the other hand, and together referred to as the "Parties", have concluded this Agreement as follows:

  1. General Provisions
    1. The Parties to this Agreement have agreed that AQUIX assigns the Agent to carry out advertising, consulting and information activities in order to popularize the activities of AQUIX, as well as the sale of its products.
    2. The Agent provides services to AQUIX clients and partners who have become them as a result of the Agent's advertising, consulting and information activities.
    3. The Agent has no rights to accept payments from the client.
    4. All payments and settlements between the Agent and AQUIX, directly or indirectly related to this Agreement, are made in the personal areas of the Agents and AQUIX located on the AQUIX site in the units of account used by the site.
    5. AQUIX processes all data related to its customers automatically. AQUIX may provide information relating to the Agent and its clients to third parties only in cases stipulated by law.
    6. The Agent shall keep confidential all information related to AQUIX clients and partners both during the term of this Agreement and after its termination.
    7. AQUIX products are devices for making IZONEUM drinks, as well as the works and services required for the use of this equipment.
    8. The remuneration is paid to the Agent in case of successful sale of AQUIX products.

  2. Agent's Responsibilities on Customer Service
    1. The Agent informs AQUIX customers of the company's activities and products.
    2. The Agent is not allowed using aggressive methods of promotion, as well as providing customers with false and inaccurate information regarding AQUIX.
    3. The Agent promptly informs AQUIX about all important customer comments related to the AQUIX business.
    4. The Agent shall let the client make his own decision.
    5. The Agent carries out his or her activities independently, at its own expense and at its own risk.
    6. The Agent undertakes to carry out systematic works on the selection and training of new consultants.
    7. The Agent shall be registered in the status of a business entity and carry out this activity in accordance with the law.

  3. Remuneration
    1. The Agent's remuneration depends on the number of the company's goods sold. The basis for calculating the remuneration is the number of transactions performed between AQUIX and clients referred by the Agent.
    2. The Agent's remuneration is equal to the volume of product sales multiplied by the percentage of the Agent's profitability, according to his agent level. Remuneration is calculated automatically after the sale of products. When calculating the remuneration, the sales volumes made both by the agent personally and by his structure are taken into account.
    3. Each Agent receives information about all AQUIX products sold as a result of his or her advertising and consulting activities, as well as as a result of the work of his or her structure, in the personal area.
    4. The Agent has the right to express objections to AQUIX on the provided data within 5 calendar days.
    5. Payment of remuneration to each Agent is made within no more than 3–7 working days after the end of the working month.

  4. Advertising
    1. In order to promote the company, AQUIX allows carrying out advertising activities in the press, on radio, television and the Internet without any restrictions.

  5. AQUIX Representation Offices
    1. AQUIX Agents have the right to arrange regional and structural interregional offices to carry out their activities, which are not considered as AQUIX official representative offices and branches.
    2. AQUIX does not bear any material and legal responsibility for the work of local offices and does not take part in work with local administrative authorities.

  6. Term of Agreement
    1. This Agreement is concluded for an indefinite term.
    2. The Agreement can be terminated by mutual agreement of the Parties on the basis of a preliminary notification made one month before termination.
    3. AQUIX has the right to terminate this Agreement or terminate (suspend, freeze) payments due to the Agent at any time without prior notice for the following reasons:
      1. The Agent violates applicable local and international laws.
      2. The Agent compromises AQUIX business reputation by his actions.
      3. The Agent seriously violates the terms of the Agreement.
      4. The Agent makes public and non-public statements in front of other agents, causing damage to AQUIX reputation with his or her actions.
      5. No sales from the Agent for more than 3 months.
      6. Agent works without AQUIX permission or cooperates with another company engaged in similar activities.

  7. Other Additional Terms and Conditions
    1. If an error was made when entering information into the database due to the AQUIX fault, the Agent has the right to demand corrections within 15 calendar days after establishing this fact. For this purpose, the Agent sends an application in electronic form to the AQUIX mail.
    2. The Agent is personally liable to the tax authorities of his or her country of residence for the payment of taxes on income from his activities as an AQUIX agent.
    3. The Agent shall resolve all issues related to the payment of insurance, pension, medical and other social contributions payable in accordance with the legislation of his or her country. AQUIX shall not pay any of the abovementioned mandatory contributions.
    4. All Appendixes referred to in this Agreement, as well as Appendixes related to future AQUIX products, are an integral part of this Agreement. All new changes and additions are published on the AQUIX website 5 days prior to their entry into force.
    5. In case of transfer of a permanent exclusive right to a computer program, being the subject of advertising under this Agreement, from AQUIX to a third party, on the side of AQUIX under this Agreement, the liable persons are replaced for the new owner of the exclusive right to the computer program, to which the Agent agrees in advance.

  8. Disputes and Legal Relations
    1. The Parties agreed that all disputes arising in connection with the execution of this Agreement shall be resolved through friendly negotiations and consultations between the Parties. If no agreement is reached, the disputed issues are referred to the competent authorities or arbitration court for resolution in accordance with the current legislation of Georgia. All disputes arising from this agreement shall be resolved by the court at the location of AQUIX.