JSC AQUIX is an officially registered joint-stock company subject to European legislation.

The company went throw 15 years of research, in which more than $3,000,000 were invested, and a year of public work. Has its own scientific developments, patents and positive test reports.

AQUIX develops its own products: both industrial, for factories and plants, and domestic, for home and office use, based on two promising technologies - of water vapor cavitation and IZON flow.

Directions of the company:

The equipment for the preparation of natural energy and easily digestible food.

Air purification from pollution in rooms and city spaces.

Processing of enterprise exhaust gases and smoke into synthetic petroleum products

Industrial production of drinking water from atmospheric moisture

AQUIX Values

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The company is registered in Georgia, jurisdiction with the European legal order. The website publishes weekly full information and reporting. Real-time video broadcasting from the work site is ongoing.

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We are building a new type of business: environmentally friendly, trillion, humane. For the health and well-being of all of us, the planet and our descendants.

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AQUIX has a well-developed theoretical and experimental scientific base. Technology has been approved by numerous commissions and specialists.

Still have questions?

We publish comprehensive information, but questions always arise. Ask your question to the consultant on the site, in official chats or write a letter to the project CEO: