AQUIX flagship product. The vending machine is prepared by a real natural energetic IZONEUM. Specially prepared additives are used for food preparation 2.0. Drinks cleanse the body of radicals and create conditions for the production of ATP molecules by the cells of the body.

  • Vending can be installed almost anywhere. With you only 1 sq.m. area and a regular socket, does not require reinforced wiring, three-phase current. Very easy installation.
  • Turnkey service: AQUIX takes all your current worries completely upon itself, fast logistics of consumables, powerful advertising support. Our support works 24/7.
  • Full control over the business through a mobile application: telemetry, malfunctions, fuel level, vending machine revenue - you can see all this online.
  • Built-in management accounting: the application will automatically keep track of your bookkeeping.
  • Additional metrics and analytics: our software will analyze all the key marketing parameters for you, even throughput and its conversion.
  • The client controls the vending machine using a mobile phone. Payments are accepted through the application or NFC module.
  • Serving time: ~ depending on additives from 20 to 40 seconds.
  • The volume of the finished product: from 150 to 300 ml.


Prepares a drink Izoneum, which is a real natural energetic. Such a product is nutrition for cells, which is easily absorbed by the body. After drinking the drink, drowsiness and fatigue disappear. Installation for home, office or gym.

  • Product preparation time: ~ 5 minutes.
  • The volume of the finished product: from 150 to 200 ml.
  • Energy value: 100 grams / from 400 to 1200 Kcal (depending on the additives placed in the dispenser, as well as under synthesis conditions under which it is possible to obtain high values)
  • Works from the mains, consumes ~ 2 kW⋅h.
  • Control via the touch panel or application on the phone.


Cleans the air from microparticles: aerosols, fumes, bacteria, plant spores, tobacco smoke. The composition of the air becomes similar to the air off the sea coast. It also heats or cools air without using freon and electric spirals.

  • Cleans the premises of 100 sq.m. in 30 minutes.
  • Heats or cools, dries or moisturizes.
  • Ionizes the air with positive ions.
  • It works from the mains, consumes ~ 2.5 kW⋅h.
  • The device is controlled using the touch panel or application on the phone.

Air condenser


The problem of fresh water is relevant for the Arab countries, Israel, Africa. Desalination of seawater is expensive. Moreover, even in the Sahara Desert, air humidity reaches up to 20%. This means that the ISON effect is capable of separating water from the air. Solar energy can be used to power the IZON installations.

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Flue gas purifier and processor


The installation works on the principle of separate waste collection in relation to the smoke from the factory chimneys: the smoke is separated into its constituent gases and dust particles without residue. Each component is used as a recyclable material. Thus, for example, a CHP plant from its own smoke can produce engine oil and not spoil the air.

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Synthesizer of petroleum products from garbage and smoke


A synthesizer of petroleum products from the garbage and smoke of a thermal power plant - from almost everything that burns and smokes. The use of the IZON effect reduces the cost of the units so much that petroleum products can be produced by each CHP and incineration plant as a result of processing its own smoke.

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