Everything flows, everything changes. Human beings, in particular, and humanity as a whole, constantly increase the requirements for the quality of life. The team of the scientific and technological startup AQUIX has set a goal - to predict the problems of tomorrow and offer our own solutions for the international market. Our competencies are in the areas of human consumption of air, water and food.

Today, on the basis of our own technologies, we work in the following areas:

  • Equipment for the making natural energy drink and easily digestible food products.
  • Cleaning of air from pollution in rooms.
  • Develop your own software to manage all of the above processes.
  • Creation of commodity distribution chains and organization of interaction with the end user.
  • Audit, packaging and promotion of economically viable projects.
  • Creation of modern IT tools for project management.

Legal information

JSC AQUIX is a joint-stock company officially registered in Georgia, taxpayer identification number 402113565.

You've probably heard that the German legal system best protects the company's investors. It's also the most expensive. Therefore, we registered in a country with an identical system, but a more modest price for its maintenance — in Georgia. Therefore, all our partners can be sure not only that they are protected by European law, but also that the funds invested by them are spent on production, and not on bureaucracy.

You can check the company's registration on this website. In the Email of organization field, enter: [email protected]

Or download the latest up-to-date document.