AQUIX designs devices for making activated water, as well as functional drinks and soups Smart Food & Boost under the brand name IZONEUM.
What is special about IZONEUM?

Our devices produce a high quality product: IZONEUM water goes through a three-stage purification system, reverse osmosis and mineralization. The devices prepare water with optimal pH values and a high level of molecular hydrogen.

Smart Food & Boost, made with IZONEUM water, is a line of soups and drinks with a variety of flavors. These foods contain the same amount of macro and micronutrients as a regular snack. They have a balanced composition of proteins, fats and carbonates, and provide the body with minerals and fiber.

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IZONATOR devices
Quality water business

IZONATOR ORIGIN is a water treatment unit. IZONATOR ORIGIN produces IZONEUM water from ordinary tap water. The intake can be carried out through a water pipe or from any container using a pump. The appliance produces water with a high hydrogen content and a negative ORP. The device productivity is up to 60 liters per hour.

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Mini Pro
Unique IZONEUM water at home

IZONATOR Mini Pro is a water treatment device for home use in a convenient format. The device saturates water with molecular hydrogen, purifies and mineralizes it. IZONATOR Origin Mini produces water with free hydrogen concentrations up to 1.6 ppm and ORP values down to -800 mV.

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Tech business. A modern approach to nutrition

IZONATOR Vending machines are designed for installation in public places: shopping malls, gyms, educational institutions, etc. They will be equipped with special carousel dispensers with 12 compartments. Various ingredients are added in each compartment. Each customer will be able to choose his favorite form of IZONEUM: from fruit drink to soup.

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Make IZONEUM Smart Food & Boost at home

IZONATOR Enterprise is designed to make IZONEUM drinks. It will look like a small coffee machine, so you can put it at home, in the office or at work. For this device, we will sell special capsules with natural ingredients so that your favorite flavors are always at hand. Productivity: 20 L/h.

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